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Create a url rewrite in Magento

Aug 15, 2015   //   by Anthony Devine   //   Website Development tips  //  No Comments

To create a url rewrite in Magento go to:

  • Catalog > url rewrite management
  • Add new url rewrite
  • Custom

Request path is the page name that you want to redirect from and don’t need trailing slashes, the ID path is the same as the request path and the target path is where we want to redirect to e.g. if we want to redirect http://www.devinesdesign.com/index.php/news/ to http://www.devinesdesign.com/blog/
we would have the following:
IDpath = news
request path = news
target path = http://www.devinesdesign.com/blog/
Redirect = Permanent 301

I put the full link in for my target path because with my site if I had just put in blog for the target path the link would of been http://www.devinesdesign.com/index.php/blog/ and I did not want this as my blog is not on Magento it is on wordpress and my wordpress installation does not have index.php in the link.

This should work straight away but if not do a cache clear in magento backend.